SSGC has taken another major step in providing customer convenience, this time with just a click of the mouse. Now the customers can receive their gas bills through e- mail.
This service is being offered free-of-cost to the customers who can subscribe to this service simply by providing a valid e-mail address at Upon generation, the e-bill will be automatically e-mailed to the customer in PDF format every month.
Karachi: Now You Can Check you Sui Gas Bill online on your desktop computer, laptop and mobile very easily. Just Enter your Domestic Consumer Number or Industrial Consumers Number to Check Your Bill Status. You can also check your previous bill records and print that record by easily.
Now SSGC Customers view information such as current bill, bill payment history, meter information, payment updates and more, right on their mobile phones.

Please enter your 10-digit Customer Number to view your Gas bill:
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